My Pet Story

Hi!  I am Linda, I am an animal lover.  I have always had pets.  They have always been a part of my family.  I thought about this, I guess it comes down to that my parents were animal lovers were animal lovers too because we always had pets.  I remember my first dog, he was a red cocker dog and he was with me all the time.  I called him Boy.  Mom said he his real name was Duffy but it was when I was really little I couldn’t say that so I called him Boy.  What a team we were.  Of course, I ended up having to go through the heart break ache to have to find out that pets don’t live as long we do, so they move on to heaven before we do.  And I am sure Heaven has all the pets I had or it wouldn’t be Heaven.  Don’t you think that?

During the single years, no pets.  Living in an apartment and funds just weren’t conducive for pets. However after Bud (my husband) and I bought a house with a big back yard it was time for us to get our first dog.  Of course, it would be from the Humane Society.  No, No I wasn’t going to go, if I went I would bring all of them home.   Bud had to go by himself to pick out our first kid.  We decided we wanted an older one because we didn’t need to train him/her, after all it is a new house.  For some reason we decided on a larger dog.  He brought home a male maybe Shepard/husky mix.  The naming game begins:  Bud decides will name our pets/kids with alcohol names, I won’t bore you with all of the details but will throw in some tidbits for fun:

Dog names have been    Cats have been
Brandy Shepard/Husky    Daiquiri Black short hair lived to 21
Boubon Lab/something big    Mai Tai Black Shor Hair
Ouzo Shepard/Husky Cosmo(politan) Part Siamese, my Christmas present
Martini Part Daschund a friend needed a home for her Gimlet Orange & White fat cat – he had diabetes and had to have shots twice a day
Tequila Part Daschund-someone threw him out of a truck.  We saved this dog, this dog saved me. Kalua Black short hair
Natasha She was an older dog on a rescue farm.  Part lab and Chow Zinfandel Black short hair
Bandit Miniature long hair daschund  Cointreau Black short hair
Penny and Punkun Miniature long hair daschund – Brother and sister from different litters adopted from a rescue looking for 1 ended with 2 couldn’t break them apart. Seagram Gray with white eyeliner-she was 7 when we got from the humane society
Turbo Current kitten-was a feral cat, he is a tiger cat and has the cutest face and personality

The naming quit when we adopted Natasha because she was older, and she already had a name, so we didn’t want to confuse her.

Me and the kids 2013, Bandit, Penny, and Punkin.

My Cosmo and Seagrams, I just lost them this last summer.  Miss them so much.  I will see them later in Heaven.

I must tell you more about Penny.  She is the sweetest pup.  Well earlier she was having problems, she appeared to be hurting and needed to see a doctor.  It was a week end, so I took her to the emergency hospital that isn’t far from here.   They did x-rays and found that she had a broken leg which would require operation due to little legs.  After further study of the x-ray they became very concerned about the look of the bone.  It ended up there, was a tumor.  I had a choice, but I decided that removing the leg would hopefully give Penny the most possibility of getting rid of the cancer.  She would still have a series of chemo treatments to help get rid of the cancer.  Penny was a touch little Pup, I brought her home and put on the floor and she trotted to the door (maybe more like hopped to the door), she did have a little problem geting up through the dog door so I had to open the door for her.  She acted just like everything was normal.  If we all could be so strong when we have struggles to go through.  She went through her chemo with no problems.  All the people at the clinic have absolutely fallen in love with her.  Her final x-ray was good.  We went on for our follow up and it looked ok, but the oncologist found a mass that is in the spleen that does need to be removed, so she does need to have another operation.  It doesn’t show cancer but the doc says you can’t be sure because of it’s location.  Thank good ness I do have insurance on my kids, that is why I work, to raise my kids.  Bandit also has allergies and needs a special diet.  However not covered= pre-exisited.

This is the newest Kid – Turbo, he loves to chase the dog’s tails.  Drives Punkun nuts, but Bandit loves to play with him.

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