Christmas (or the holidays you celebrate) brings the family together. The tree receives decorations, the home transforms too, and there might be stockings hanging on your fireplace.

You’ve got a stocking for all the kids in your family. There’s probably a stocking for Mom and Dad there too. What about the pets?

Do you have pet stockings that get hung by the chimney with care? Because if there’s one thing about the holiday season that’s always true, it is this: the pets know when St. Nicholas soon will be there.

Where Do You Hang a Pet Stocking?

A pet stocking hands where all your other stockings are at home. If you don’t put up stockings for the holidays, then include your pet in the traditions your family follows.

If you create rich holiday foods for Hanukkah, for example, you can include foods that are pet-friendly in your tradition. The brisket is always something nice to share, assuming it’s only a bite or two. Eating too many fatty foods at once can bring on pancreatitis in dogs.

For those who celebrate Kwanzaa, try including handmade gifts for your pet during the karamu. You could also plan a special meal for your pets which coincides with the celebration you prepare for your family and friends. 

What Do You Put in a Pet Stocking?

You don’t need to go overboard with a pet stocking during the holidays. A small stocking that hangs with all the others in your home will include your pets.

Some families opt for one stocking that covers the dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other pets in the home. It can be fun to give each pet their own stocking to open when the time rolls around to open presents.

What gets put into a pet stocking? Almost anything you want!

Toys are always a good option for a pet stocking. For cats, try to include at least one toy that contains a bell or a squeaker to generate interest. Dogs love squeaky toys too, but you can also add a toy with a favorite scent to pique their interest.

Treats are another excellent option, but you may want to wait until it is time to open the stocking to include them. Leaving treats in an accessible stocking will guarantee that your pet will get into the gift while Santa and his reindeer are working at night.

Most cats enjoy a fun catnip toy in their stocking. Feather toys are another good option. As for the other pets in your home, filling up the stocking with a bunch of treats will help you to have a loyal friend for a lifetime.

Pets know the holidays are coming because they are familiar with the routine. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or some other holiday during this season, remember that your furry friends are also part of the family. Start the tradition of a pet stocking this year, and your pet will have a fantastic holiday experience!