In 2008, Budweiser released a marketing campaign for their Bud Light brand which involved the benefits you’d receive when drinking their beer. According to one advertisement, that included an ability to speak with animals.

Cut to a man taking a Bud Light out of his fridge. “Hey there, boy!” he says. “How was your day?”

And the dog says, “Sausages! Sausages! Sausage! Please… sausages!”

Your dog might not speak your language, but there are still ways that they communicate with us. Here are some ways you can figure out what they’re trying to say.

1. Your dog brought you something.

When your dog brings you something, he/she wants your help with that item. It’s usually a request to play. It might also be a way to tell you that they wish to receive some snuggle attention from you. 

2. Your dog is cowering.

If your dog has their tail tucked and their head down, they’re telling you that they want nothing to do with that situation. Most dogs will crouch down and avert their eyes in this body language too. This behavior is often mistaken for an admission of guilt. If you’re not careful, and you keep pushing a cowering dog to do something, they might bite.

3. Your dog is always panting.

Dogs pant as a way to remove excess heat from their body. They’ll pant in hot weather and after a long exercise session. Panting that occurs outside of these times is an indication that they need help with something that is stressful. Many dogs will show you what is bothering them if you show that you’re listening.

4. Your dog is whining.

Dogs will whine for a plethora of reasons. They might want to go outside because they need to go to the bathroom. Dogs cry when their water bowl is empty. Some whine when they get excited. Look at the body language which accompanies the whining. If your dog is staring at their water dish, they probably want it filled. If they’re staring at you and whining, then they want you to get up to do something. 

5. Your dog snaps their head as a response.

A dog that snaps his head around at you when there are loud noises present is a sign of discomfort. What is often missed is a dog will snap their head sometimes when you pet them. That is also a sign of distress. Dogs that show the whites of their eyes while turning their head are also uneasy. These are all indications that your dog is sensitive and needs some extra space.

6. Your dog is barking at you.

Dogs bark at your through behavior training. They barked a couple of times before, and it got them what they want. So, now they’re doing it again. Is it rude? Maybe to you. To the dog, this is their way of asking for something specific.

7. Your dog has a stiff body.

A dog with a stiff body is on alert. It means they are going to react to something. If you suspect an adverse outcome is about to happen, try redirecting their attention in some way.

Dogs tell us a lot of things if we’re willing to listen with our eyes and our ears. When you do, there is a good chance your dog is telling you a lot of things – including their desire to have sausages.