If there is one thing that our furry friends are great at doing, it is destruction. Dogs love to dig. They enjoy bouncing around a backyard without concern for gardens, raised beds, or landscaping features.

Then there is their waste to consider as well. 

If you love your dogs and want to enjoy your backyard too, then here are some ideas to help you create a landscape which everyone will appreciate.

1. Add some shade to your backyard.

Dogs which are destroying your beds or lawn because they are rolling or digging are often too hot. The cooler soil helps to lower their body temperature. Adding more shade to your landscaping plans will help to minimize this issue. Then consider adding some tough ground cover, using moss or thyme, that will resist their destructive tendencies. As a final step, encourage the dogs to use the shade by setting their watering bowl there.

2. Create spots for sunning.

Hot days might call for shade and dirt, but cold days call for some extra time in the sun. Dogs love to sit on risers, boulders, and high areas during cool or breezy days to get some extra sun on their fur. Giving them a warm sitting spot will add some attractive features to your backyard and give your dog a nice place to rest and overlook their kingdom.

3. Include a dog entertainment area.

If your dog is digging up your plants or putting holes in the lawn, then there is a good chance that they are feeling bored. Adding a section for dog entertainment may help to resolve this issue. A dog sandbox will give them a place to dig where it is okay. Stock the area with some healthy treats, a few dog bones, and then train your dog to use that area instead.

4. Give your dog a border to patrol.

Dogs are pack animals by nature. They are genetically wired to control territory that they claim as theirs. It may be your property, but in their eyes, they hold the deed. Energetic dogs will wear out your lawn along the edge of your fence, carving out a trail from their guarding efforts. As part of your dogscaping efforts, create a path along your property line that is about 2 feet in width. Use dog-friendly mulching products to create this trail, such as cedar mulch, to prevent damage. Consider running a wire mesh underneath the mulch to avoid too much digging.

5. Use plants that won’t make dogs sick.

If your dog likes to chew on things, then you must take this behavior under consideration for your dogscaping plan. Some dogs will even eat rocks! Certain plants are poisonous, so make sure you avoid planting them in your landscaping design.

Dogs share our homes, our lives, and our property with us every day. They enjoy the backyard as much as you do. With dogscaping tips like these guiding the way, you’ll be able to create a safe space for your dogs while building a beautiful landscape that everyone will enjoy.