If your feline friend loves to zip around the house early in the morning, then there is pent-up energy that they are trying to release. That energy builds up because they have no way to expend it by hunting or exploring when staying all day indoors.

Playing with your cat is an easy way to encourage this energy to release. It’s not just your cat’s wellbeing that you’re thinking about here either. Playing with your cat each day reduces the chances that you’ll wake up at 3 am because the cat is treating your body like a trampoline.

Here are some fun games that you can introduce to your cat today.

1. Interactive Puzzles

For this game, grab a shoebox, a couple of your cat’s favorite toys, and a treat you know they like. Then cut several holes into the shoebox which are the perfect size for an exploratory paw. Fill your shoebox with toys and treats, then secure the lid with some strong tape. Now you’ve got an adventure that your kitty can enjoy whenever they want to play!

2. Catch

Cats love to play catch. They like to catch feathers and strings, so having a toy wand that allows them to leap after the toy can be a lot of fun. Try shaking the wand on the ground while pulling it slowly away from the kitty to encourage a mighty pounce. Before starting this game, make sure there aren’t any valuables that could break because it can get pretty wild!

3. Go Fetch

If you thought Fetch was a game only for dogs, then you were wrong. Cats will also play fetch if you structure the playtime correctly. Cats like to bring back small toys which fit in their mouths easily. Toys that are bulky, heavy, or large will discourage this game. Younger cats tend to play fetch more readily than senior cats as well.

4. If I Fits, I Sits

Cats love the security of small surroundings. You’ll find them sitting in the smallest box left out for them. They’ll also look for hidden spots on closet shelves, in kitchen cabinets, and other out-of-the-way locations. Keep trading out boxes that are smaller and smaller to see how far your kitty is willing to go.

Then turn this game into one of hide-and-seek. Place several of the boxes around the house in strategic locations where the kitty can hide. Once the cat disappears, you get to find them!

5. Tablet Games

There are downloadable apps for your smartphone or tablet that encourage cats to play. Some have fish for them to paw at. Birds are another hit. You can even find games that replicate the joys of trying to catch that crazy red dot from a laser pointer. There’s a painting app for cats that allows them to make their own artwork too.

Cats love to play. It helps them build a relationship with you while they expend their extra energy. What is the favorite game your kitty likes to play?