You won’t forget Austin Perine when you meet him. This cute 4-year-old boy might have dreams of being a superhero, but he is also on a serious mission. Wearing a blue cap which says, “Make America Show Love Again,” President Austin works hard to make sure the homeless are fed in his father’s hometown of Prichard, Alabama.

Whenever Austin hands out a drink or a sandwich to someone, he says the same thing: “Show love.”

In an interview with USA Today, Austin was asked why he’s putting in all this work. “Everybody deserves to be loved,” he replied.

It All Started with a TV Show

Austin was watching television with his father one night. They were watching a show about pandas.

He had lots of questions for his father, like what would happen to the cubs if they were abandoned. Would they be homeless?

That led to difficult questions, like would his father abandon him? Would people become homeless like the baby pandas?

“I felt compelled to show [Austin] exactly what a homeless person looked like, and when I did that, it was a complete paradigm shift,” said TJ, Austin’s father. “I didn’t have time to help homeless people. I didn’t have time to even think about people in need.”

“I was thinking about how much money I needed to pay the next bill.

His father explained to him what it meant for someone to be homeless. Since learning this existed in the world, Austin has been on an unstoppable mission. TJ said that the amount of pressure his son put on him to start changing the world was enormous.

“We need to help these people,” Austin would say. “They look sad.”

That would be the beginning of the #ShowLove movement. 

Now you’ll find Austin amongst stacks of donating clothing, sandwiches, barbecue, and fried chicken. They’ve worked with local Boys and Girls Clubs to deliver hundreds of meals outside of their scheduled events. They have traveled from New York City to Los Angeles and have plans to feed the hungry wherever they happen to be. 

Almost $75,000 Was Raised to Create a New Foundation

When the Show Love movement first started, Austin asked that all his allowance and any toy money spent on him be donated to purchase food for the homeless. The first person they helped told them that as strangers, they had shown him more love than his family did.

All Austin did was offer him a sandwich.

In April 2018, a GoFundMe account raised almost $75,000 to make Austin’s cause an official non-profit organization. 

The family was getting ready to begin a lawn service business. Now all their time is being funneled into the non-profit program, with President Austin leading the way.

It only goes to show that when someone is willing to help those in need, their lives are also changed by the process. Sometimes, all it takes is one 4-year-old boy to help us all remember that when love is a top priority, we can accomplish almost anything together.