If you’re concerned about your risks for cancer, then there is one general rule to follow: eating foods that are more nutritious can reduce your risks.

Most foods contain compounds which are beneficial to a lower risk of cancer growth. A higher intake of these compounds further decreases your chances for the disease.

Best Foods to Reduce Your Risks of Cancer

Broccoli: This vegetable contains sulforaphane, which offers potent anti-cancer properties. In an analysis of 35 studies involving colon and colorectal cancer, eating more vegetables like broccoli is directly associated with a lower risk.

Carrots: Eating more carrots is associated with a decreased risk of certain types of cancer. Research suggests that it can lower prostate, stomach, and lung cancer risks, even for current smokers.

Beans: The high fiber content of beans may help to protect against colorectal cancer development. If cancer is already present, it may block the growth of new cells by up to 75%. Research in human eating habits with beans and cancer risks, however, is quite limited.

Berries: All berries contain anthocyanins. This substance is a plant pigment which includes antioxidant properties. Including 2-3 servings of berries each day may be enough to take advantage of the cancer risk reduction benefit.

Cinnamon: Not only does this spice ease chronic inflammation issues and reduce blood sugar levels, but it also reduces your risk for cancer development. Test-tube studies on cinnamon have found that it can even induce the death of cancer cells and reduce the size of tumors. Try adding one teaspoon of cinnamon to your diet per day.

Olive Oil: In the regions of the world where olive oil consumption is at its highest, there are decreased rates of colorectal cancer. It may also reduce the risks of digestive tract cancers and breast cancer.

Turmeric: Because of the curcumin found in this spice, there are numerous anti-cancer benefits to consider. It may prevent cancer cells from forming, slow them down when they try to spread, and kill off specific cancer cells. Pair it with black pepper to encourage absorption rates.

Foods That Increase Your Cancer Risks

Red Meat: Eating red meat is associated with an increase in bowel cancer risks. There may be related increases in the risk of pancreatic and stomach cancer too. All frozen, fresh, ground, or minced pork, beef, and lamb products are included in this food category. 

Processed Meat: Processed meats include salami, sausage, bacon, and ham. It does not include poultry products. A diet rich in these meats is linked to the same cancers, potentially because of the chemicals which are used to cook and preserve the products.

Salt-Preserved Foods: Any food products which are cured with salt increase the risk of stomach cancer. Salted fish, pickled vegetables, and cured meats are all included. There may also be a link with total added salt to a person’s diet and their overall cancer risk.

By making conscious eating decisions, it becomes easier to manage your cancer risks. Use this information to make informed dietary choices today.