Yoga provides an opportunity for children to begin learning healthy lifestyle habits at an early age. When you practice these helpful Yoga poses for kids as a family, you’ll be teaching them how to create a future for themselves which allow them to control potentially harmful habits.

1. Bow Pose

With this pose, you’ll want to lie flat on your belly. Lift your head as far as you can and remain comfortable. Then lift your legs toward your head, bending your knees so that your toes are pointing upward. Then reach back and grab your feet if you can. Reach as far as you can if you are unable to grasp the feet. Hold this pose for 15-20 seconds before releasing.

2. Bridge Pose

What is lovely about this Yoga pose is that it can serve multiple needs for you. It can be energizing or relaxing. You can use it to restore and rejuvenate. It can even be used for an energy release if the kids are way too hyper to settle into a series of different Yoga poses.

Lie on your back with your arms strong at your sides. Then lift your hips and abdomen toward the sky, keeping your feet, arms, and shoulders still flat on the ground.

3. Cat Pose

This Yoga pose is always a favorite with kids because their imagination becomes engaged. They see themselves as becoming a cat! Get into a position where your hands and knees are in contact with the floor as if you are about to start crawling. Then push your abdomen up through the back while maintaining your base position.

4. Cobra Pose
This entry-level Yoga pose is an excellent choice for kids who are just starting to learn the different positions. While lying on your stomach, lift your head upward. Press your chest forward as you support the movement with your hands, forearms, and elbows. Allow your toes to point toward the wall behind you. Then encourage deep breathing for a powerful stress release.

5. Corpse Pose
You’ll find this Yoga pose is another fun option for kids. Pretending to be dead can inspire a case of the giggles! Lying flat on your back, imagine all of the tension pouring out from your feet. Then move upward to your knees. Continue moving upward to your hips, your chest, and your arms. Then picture all the negative energy that remains in your body being pushed out through your head.

6. Cow Pose

With this pose, you’ll be in the same position as you were for the cat pose. Instead of pressing your abdomen toward the ceiling, you’ll be pushing it toward the floor.

As a final option, you can also choose to sit in an Easy Pose and begin to teach basic meditation concepts.

You may find that the kids are a bit squirrelly during your first Yoga sessions. Try to have patience and stick with the poses. Over time, you may see that the kids love Yoga so much that they’ll start asking you to do it along with them!