If you look online for beauty tips, you’ll find some crazy ideas that you’d think would never work. You might even wonder about the sanity of the people who would try these ideas in the first place.

After reviewing the many DIY beauty tips that you can find, these are the options which really do work.

#1. Toothpaste for Acne

This tip works because the toothpaste has a drying effect on the pimples. It isn’t something you’ll want to use over several days because you’ll encourage more peeling and redness at the application areas. For a one-time treatment, however, it does provide some relief.

#2. Beer Face Washes

Most beers contain high levels of B vitamins. They contain yeast, hops, and saccharides too. This combination works to dissolve dead cells, which helps your skin return to its healthy glow. Use the beer as you would any standard face wash.

#3. Preparation H for Eye Bags

You would apply Preparation H to shrink your hemorrhoids. You can also do the same thing to shrink those bags under your eyes. It works because of the phenylephrine in the cream, which constricts blood vessels. That constriction reduces the puffiness. It isn’t intended for cosmetic use, so keep this beauty tip reserved for those emergencies.

#4. Pepto Bismol Facial

The bismuth subsalicylate in the pink stuff helps to suck out oil and absorb it as a clay mask would. You’ll encourage cell turnover with your skin too when applying it to your face, which prevents dead skin cells from clogging up those pores. Some people may experience dry skin afterward, so check to see if a moisturizer is necessary. The main ingredient is related to aspirin, so don’t try this trick on kids.

#5. Whitening Toothpaste on Nails

If your nails are looking discolored or yellow, then try brushing some whitening toothpaste onto them. You can lighten stains on your nails with a light hydrogen peroxide mixture, which is what the toothpaste provides. Let the paste sit on your nails for about 10 minutes, then scrub with a nail brush for best results. If you see a vertical black line on your nail, however, that might be caused by melanoma and should be seen by a doctor.

#6. Pam Cooking Spray to Dry a Manicure

Most quick-dry nail products contain a solvent which speeds up the drying time for your manicure. These are usually silicones, which can also be found in the Pam brand of cooking sprays. If you use the aerosol version of the cooking spray on your nails, you can achieve similar results.

#7. Aspirin and Shampoo for Dandruff

If you crush up aspirin and use it with your shampoo, then you can exfoliate your skin to get rid of that unsightly dandruff. As a secondary benefit, aspirin is in the same family as salicylic acid, which you can find in most dandruff shampoos. The problem here is that you’d be using at least 1/4 of the bottle to get the benefit, which would get very expensive.

What are the DIY beauty tricks that you like to use?