Getting at least 45 minutes of moderate exercise each day does more than help your figure or maintain shape. It will also improve your complexion and provide you with several beauty benefits too. You will see numerous subtle changes begin to occur with your body, which gives you a spring in your step and more confidence.

If you needed more motivation to start working out more often, these are the beauty benefits of exercise to expect. 

1. Your skin receives an instant glow.

When your heart is working harder to pump blood through your body, then your skin receives more oxygen. That post-workout glow that everyone loves to see is because oxygenated blood is working to remove the toxins and buildup that have accumulated on your skin. Your sweat has helped to wash some of those away too.

2. It helps to reduce skin wrinkles.

When you exercise regularly, it is easier for your body to control cortisol production, which is a hormone that is directly related to stress. When you’re feeling stressed out all the time, then your body produces sebum, which contributes to acne problems. Cortisol will cause the collagen in your skin to begin breaking down as well, which promotes sagging and wrinkling. Exercise helps because it encourages collagen production.

3. You receive support against other skin conditions.

It does take some work to keep your skin glowing after a workout. If you’re prone to pimples, then wiping down your skin with a cleansing wipe or taking a shower immediately after exercise helps. Make sure to wash your face and other areas which suffer breakouts. Exercise also helps with eczema, though you do need to wear fabric that keeps moisture away from your skin to avoid having consistent flare-ups.

4. Your hair receives a boost from exercise too.

Your skin isn’t the only part of your body which benefits from oxygenated blood. The improved blood flow will encourage your hair to be healthier and stronger. Frequent exercise even promotes hair growth. Because exercise helps to reduce overall stress levels, it reduces the number of hair follicles that are brittle or fall out.

5. It helps to improve your stature.

When you’re exercising moderately, every muscle group in your body benefits from the experience. The stretching and strengthening process reduces the hunching which occurs when you don’t exercise. Over time, you will find that it is possible to grow 1 to 3 inches because you’ve been exercising on a regular basis. Actively working to balance your muscles and posture will bring about this benefit.

6. Your immune system improves.

Regular exercise improves the immune system because the body is encouraged to produce more white blood cells. Fewer viruses and bacteria can get through your defensive shield, which means you spend less time being sick. It also helps your lymphatic system process wastes more effectively.

If you can take a brisk 45-minute walk each day, then you can cut the number of sick days you need to take over the course of a year by up to 50%. Not only will the exercise help you feel healthy, it works to make you look healthy too.