In 2017, a dog fell into a deep well in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India somehow. No one knows how she fell into the 70-foot structure or how long she was in there. When rescuers found her, they saw her desperately clinging to the sides of the structure, exhausted from all the paddling that was necessary to stay afloat.

The rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited believe she was in the well for at least several hours before she was discovered. She was also losing her strength rapidly. If the rescue efforts weren’t successful, they believed she might only have minutes left to live.

How the Rescue Happened

Animal Aid Unlimited responded by lowering a man down into the well, attached to a repelling rope. He used a blue net which would help hoist the trapped dog to safety. With the stone walls of the well quite slippery, descending the 70 feet to reach the dog was a dangerous journey by itself.

Once the man reached the surface of the water, the dog didn’t treat him like a stranger. It was as if she knew that he was there to rescue her. If anything, her swimming transitioned from being frantic to being confident. 

It only took a few moments to encourage the trapped girl to get into the net. Then the rescuers who were at the top of the well worked together to pull her to safety.

Animal Aid Unlimited then had her checked out by a local veterinarian, who gave her a clean bill of health. Outside of the bloody nails and paws that came from injuries when she tried to cling to the sides of the well, she was in good shape.

What Happened After Her Rescue?

The rescue group in Udaipur has the policy to release dogs after treatment. More than 100,000 stray dogs are roaming the region, which means the resources for the organization are extremely limited. Their priority is to be a sanctuary for sick or injured animals. They do not seek out adoptive homes.

The shelter at Animal Aid Unlimited is full almost all of the time. Founded in 2002, they also provide spaying and neutering services, in addition to their street rescue efforts. Founded by James Myers, the organization reports that they respond to assist more than 50 animals in need each day.

In addition to helping the ill and injured street dogs, Animal Aid Unlimited provides help to injured donkeys, cows, and any other animal which requires urgent medical care.

More than 200 animals in need of care receive assistance at any given time for animals who are too fragile to return to the streets. To provide this care, Animal Aid Unlimited relies on donations and sponsorships to fill their funding gaps.

For a $75 sponsorship donation, you’ll receive a personalized certificate, a photograph of the sponsored animal, and a letter which provides you with updates.

More information about their sponsorship program and how to donate can be found on the Animal Aid Unlimited homepage.